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Final Flights® provides a dignified scattering of your loved one's ashes from the air, returning them to the earth or sea.

Bring peace and closure with a moment of dignity and beauty.

The number of people choosing cremation over traditional burial has been increasing in recent years.  This choice creates a decision on what to do with one's ashes.  Some elect to be kept at home, some in a niche at a mausoleum, others feel that the scattering of ashes signifies a release of the spirit.

When this is done at a place that is of some significance to the deceased or their family, the act of scattering is even more meaningful. While scattering from a boat in the ocean has become quite commonplace, scattering from an aircraft is rather unique.

Ashes dispersed from an airplane cover a much larger area, enhancing the feeling that a loved one's spirit is being set free in Nature.

Final Flights® can scatter your loved one's ashes from our aircraft over one of our pre-selected locations. Or, if you have another location in mind, contact us for details.

If you wish, you can include eulogy instructions, such as a favorite poem or prayer, to be spoken during the aerial spreading of your loved one's ashes.

We have included a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to help you.

Once you have decided to use our services, there are two options for making arrangements.

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